School Open, February 22

School will be open Friday, February 22nd.

All decisions regarding school closure are made with student safety as the top priority and are dependent upon the unique conditions of the day.
Because weather conditions can vary greatly across the Metro Vancouver region, the decision to close the school will be based on the road conditions in Vancouver. Parents may decide it is not safe for their daughter(s) to travel to school because of the road conditions in their neighbourhood. Parents are asked to email the office or complete the online student absentee form to report the absence if they have decided to keep their daughter(s) home for the day. Please make your daughter’s safety your top priority.

The following scenarios are the most likely in the event of snow:
  1. School closure for the day
    If the administration decides to close school for the day, we will make every attempt to communicate this information to families in a timely manner. Families will be notified by email, an update on the school’s website and announcements on the following radio stations: CKNW (980 AM), CBC (690 AM), NEWS1130 (1130 AM). Please be advised that the school’s communication (website, emails, or phones) may be compromised due to a power failure. Families are asked to tune into the radio if they are experiencing difficulty accessing the school’s website. Please do not phone the office to check if the school is closed.

  2. Delayed start (10:00 a.m.)
    The administration may decide to follow the late-start schedule to give students the time to travel after roads have been cleared. This information will be sent out by email and posted on the school’s website. The first bell will ring at 9:57 a.m.

  3. Early dismissal
    The administration will decide to close school for the remainder of the day. The school will make every attempt to communicate this closure to all families with an email. Students who returned signed "student release forms" at registration will be dismissed immediately.  The parents of all other students will be contacted by phone. Students will not be dismissed early without permission from a parent/guardian. It is expected that all students leave the campus within an hour of an emergency school closure.

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