Angels Shine at Public Speaking Competition

Team LFA did very well at 2018 International Independent Public Speaking Competition (IISPSC), hosted by St. Clement's School in Toronto, this past weekend.
In total, 167 students representing 47 teams from countries across the globe including the US, the UK, South Africa and India came to participate in the tournament which brings together the very best high school speakers from around the world to compete for several days in numerous categories including impromptu speaking, extemporaneous speaking, parliamentary debate, newscast, interpretive reading, monologue and more. Our team of Asha Mior '20, Natalie Viegas '22 and Tiffany Chen '19 gave outstanding speeches and performances, with Asha making it all the way to finals and winning third place overall for her persuasive speech.

The team was excited to meet up with alum, Elise Lafleur '18 who invited us to a performance of The Importance of Being Ernest at the Isabel Bader Theater and gave us the grand tour of the University of Toronto.

Team LFA would also like to congratulate Nicholas Viegas from our brother school, Vancouver College who made it as an alternate team member to compete at the 2019 Worlds tournament.

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